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How Safe Is The Plane Carrying The US President?

Air Force One

Air Force One! America is said to be the most powerful country in the world. This country is very advanced in terms of technology and weapons. And whoever is elected as the president of this country becomes the most powerful person in the world.

So everyone knows that America will leave no gap for its security. And that’s why the president is given all the advanced technology. And the security provided by the special forces and his vehicles is also wrapped in security blankets. Even the US President’s car is called the most powerful car in the world.

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Not only that, the US president has a different demand for visiting foreign countries. It is for the President’s use only. The aircraft in which the President travels abroad is equipped with all modern facilities and security. And this aircraft has all the technologies that you will be surprised to know.

Air Force One

The aircraft used to carry the President of the United States is Air Force One. Whichever plane in the US Air Force carries their president will then be titled Air Force One. But basically, there are two specific planes to carry the President.

Both these Air Force designations and the model of the plane are also the same. Both are Boeing 747200Bs with advanced comfort and safety features in a three-tiered interior. The security of this aircraft is so high that it is capable of resisting nuclear bombs launched from the ground. That is, even if you throw any missile or bomb from the ground, nothing will happen to this plane.

This aircraft is also capable of countering the current nuclear bombs. Moreover, the exterior of the aircraft is made up of several layers of the latest technology. Each of its windows is capable of handling any military attack easily, including bullets or missiles. Besides, the aircraft has a total of 85 satellite phone lights. Which can be used in any emergency or in general.

Advanced Missile Launcher

The US President’s plane has the most sophisticated sensors of the current era that can instantly understand any danger. Suppose that any enemy missile or bomb comes in the way of the aircraft, it can be understood much earlier.

Moreover, Air Force One can easily stop enemy drones or air strikes. For this, various protections are provided in this aircraft. It has advanced technology to decode any methyl or bomb. With which one can easily deceive the opponent’s missile. The aircraft has bunkers for basements in case of any heavy air attack. Which will protect the President in any situation and keep the President safe in dangerous situations. And besides this aircraft has such technology that no other country can truck this aircraft.

And if danger comes, the plane can defend just as well as it can deceive. However, America has not confirmed whether there is any rocket launcher on the plane. Although many believe that the aircraft has multiple advanced missile launchers to avoid enemy attacks. Through which it is possible to hit the enemy aircraft perfectly from a distance of several kilometers.

Air Force One Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity of this plane is so high that once it flies, it can fly around the world. If necessary, you can refuel in mid-air. Never have to go down to refuel. Even in flight and landing special technology is used in this aircraft. Not only for security but just like there are many other cars behind the President’s car while driving on the road, there are some cargo planes in front of this plane while flying in the sky. The President can give urgent instructions to the White House sitting on this plane. The White House also monitors aircraft movements.

Air Force One’s Top Speed

Air Force One can carry a total of 102 passengers, including 26 crew members. There is a separate sleeping arrangement for everyone here. Blood and other emergency medical supplies are available for doctors and presidents at all times.

Another thing is that Air Force One is never seen in any terminal. Because it never enters a terminal. It waits where the Air Force is called. So that it can fly with the president in any situation. Air Force One has a top speed of 600 miles per hour. It can reach a maximum height of 45,100 feet. And flying this plane is also quite expensive. It costs approximately US$200,000 an hour to operate Air Force One.

Length Of Air Force One Aircraft

Each of these aircraft is 232 feet long with a wingspan of 195 feet and a height of 63 feet. It also has a private dining room and conference room for the President and separate offices for senior members. This aircraft also has one more dining area.

Where 100 people can sit and eat together, it would be wrong to consider Air Force One as just an airplane, but the US President can manage the country from anywhere in the world. For this reason, the aircraft is called a flying oval. The sky blue and white color of this plane has the United States of America written on it very large. The aircraft has the President’s seal and the American flag on it, so it is better not to call it a flying Durga.

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