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Big Mech 4 Kids Name, Big Mech Wife, Personal Life & More

Big Meech Kids! Demetrius “Big Mitch” Flannery is one of the co-founders and principal members of the Black Mafia group in the United States.

Big Meech Kids

He founded the BMF and activated members of Black Mafia groups throughout the United States from the 1980s to the 2000s. Through these members, “Big Mitch” commits many crimes including money laundering, and selling drugs.

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But in 2008, he and his brother Terry had a run-in with the law over a trivial matter, and later the evidence of all their misdeeds went to the law. As a result, they were sentenced to 30 years in prison. But his brother Terry was able to get out of prison on parole during this prison sentence. But “Big Mitch” is still in prison. There are many fans of “Big Mitch” from different parts of the world who constantly want to know all aspects of his personal life including his lifestyle, and life history.

But very little information is available about his personal life. Today we will tell you some important facts about his personal life. Where you can find out how many children “Big Mitch” has, his wife, and other topics will be discussed today. So let’s begin.

How many children does Big Mitch have?

So far it has not been possible to say exactly how many children Big Mitch has. But many have claimed to be Big Mitch’s children. Which is often seen in various social media. But reliable sources have revealed that Big Mitch has had a total of 4 children so far. Below are the details of these four children.

1. Demetria Eduardo Jackson Flannery

Recently a woman claimed she was Big Mitch’s daughter. who joined Current X on Twitter in 2010. But since 2012, he has been inactive on this social media. And recently she claimed to be Big Mitch’s daughter by uploading various pictures of her father on Twitter.

2. Queen Trudy

Big Meech Kids Another woman took to social media Instagram to claim she was Big Mitch’s daughter. However, no more detailed information about him was found.

3. Nika

Big Mitch has another daughter named Nika. When Big Mitch was an active member of the BMF mafia group. Then he is said to have married an American actress. And the name of this actress is Lori. who was once a very close friend of Big Mitch. So Lori is assumed to be Nick’s mother.

4. Lil Mitch

Lil Mitch is the acknowledged child of Big Mitch. Which everyone in the world knows. Lil Mitch is an American rapper. He also works as a producer. Lil Mitch was born on April 22, 2000. He is currently 24 years old. Lil Mitch was raised by his mother and grandmother from a young age and gained worldwide fame playing his father in the series Black Mafia.

Why do many claim to be Big Mitch’s children?

Since Big Mitch was a key member of a Black Mafia group. Who from 1980 to 2000 owned many properties all over the United States. And to own this huge amount of wealth, many claim to be Big Mitch’s children. But since Big Mitch is still in jail, he’d better say how many kids he has so far and what he’ll do with his vast fortune. But it can be said for sure that Lil Mitch is the son of Big Mitch. Because Big Mitch claims Lil Mitch as his child.

Who is Big Mitch’s wife?

Big Mitch has no wife. Because he is not married. But there is a woman named Latara Yutsi who is the mother of his baby Lil Mitch. who is a real estate agent in Florida, USA. He works in a real estate company dealing with residential and non-residential properties. But sadly since 2019, his social account Twitter has been inactive.

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