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Can Russia Counter Ukraine’s Black Hornet Drones?

Black Hornet Drone

Western countries have been providing various types of military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Recently, the United States has announced to send another 40 million dollars worth of arms to Ukraine. Among the new weapons aid announced by the Biden administration is a special type of drone called the Black Hornet. That drone will put Ukraine quite a bit ahead of Russia in this war. Analysts think so

Features Of Black Hornet

Black Hornet is an unmanned drone that looks like a bird and weighs only 17 to 18 grams. Its length is about 100 mm and its width is about 25 mm. As it is not heavy and big, soldiers can carry it everywhere. This particular drone can capture high-quality images of the area around where it is flown. As a result, the troops will have a clear idea of their enemy’s position and will be able to attack. By doing this they will be able to reduce their losses as well as defeat the enemy.

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Manufacturing Company

It was developed by Prox Dynamics, a small drone manufacturer in Norway, around 2011. It is now manufactured by another Norwegian company called LMIR United Aerial Systems. In 2016, the company bought Prox Dynamics for $13.4 million.

These drones are primarily known for surveillance and automated aerial surveillance, surveillance equipment, traffic control systems, and firefighting cameras. The Black Hornet can fly in the sky for a maximum of 25 minutes continuously. Its maximum speed is 21 km per hour.

Inside the Black Hornet is a digital data link. Through this link, pictures and videos can be captured and data collected through this drone from a distance of 1.6 km. In 2013, this drone was used for the first time on the battlefield against Afghanistan. British soldiers use it.

Its use in the United States began in 2015. In the country’s Marine Corps Special Operations Unit. However, the Black Hornet was used in Ukraine even before the United States sent it.

UK and Norway send the Black Hornet to Ukraine for the first time. In August 2022, the two countries purchased 850 Black Hornets for Ukraine. The Ukrainian military started using this drone in November of the same year. Small and quiet, the Black Hornet is almost impossible to defeat with conventional missile defense systems. But it is possible to destroy it with some special weapons.

US Aid In The Ukraine War

The United States has so far provided $400,000 in aid to the war situation in Ukraine and has promised more aid in the future. Ukraine is unable to win against Russia despite such huge military support. The main reason for this is that no NATO or US Army members are directly fighting in the same country. As a result, Ukrainian troops are constantly losing in this war due to a lack of proper guidance.

However, parts of Bakmut and Donbas are claimed to have been recaptured by Ukraine, and in some places, Russian military bases have been heavily attacked, according to Ukraine’s army chief.

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