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Imran Khan Arrested For Selling Watch Of Saudi Prince

Imran Khan's Tosakhana case

Imran Khan’s Tosakhana case! Pakistan’s general election is scheduled to be held this year. Many opinion polls showed that Imran Khan’s popularity was increasing. But Imran Khan is facing big obstacles before the polls. Even after many attempts, the end was not saved.

In the end, Imran, the one-time prince of Pakistan cricket, was caught in the Tosakhana case. Islamabad court sentenced former prime minister to 3 years imprisonment in a corruption case. Shortly after the verdict, Imran was arrested from his residence in Lahore and taken to Lakhpat Jail. Justice Humayun Dilwar announced the verdict. The court sentenced Imran Khan to 3 years imprisonment and fined 1 lakh rupees.

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The Pakistani media says that Imran Khan will not be able to be active in politics for the next 5 years and the trial code of Islamabad has also informed. The judge said Imran Khan had deliberately submitted fake documents of wealth to the Election Commission. He has been found guilty of corruption.

Imran Khan lost to the opposition in the confidence vote in the Pakistan Parliament last year. However, Imran accused the Pakistan army of having a hand in the results of that vote. After losing the no-confidence vote, Imran Khan could not complete his term as Prime Minister. Imran Khan’s cricketing skills are world-famous. But this legend had to face a major failure on the stage of politics.

Imran is accused of selling gifts received from foreign dignitaries during his tenure as Prime Minister. Any gift given to an administrator or official in Pakistan should be deposited in the Toshakhana Office under the Cabinet in Pakistan. But former Prime Minister Imran Khan allegedly took some of these gifts and sold them for personal gain. This former prime minister has faced a big shock in politics because of allegations of selling these gifts as a representative of the state. The beginning of the Tosakhana case.

After Imran lost power last year, a businessman in Dubai complained that he bought a watch gifted by Imran Khan from abroad for 2 million dollars. When Imran’s party was in power in Pakistan, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave him the precious watch. Given that complaint, the Election Commission declared Imran banned from the electoral process for 5 years. Imran appealed to the Islamabad High Court against the commission’s decision, but the court rejected it.

There are fears about Imran Khan’s participation in Pakistan’s general elections in October or November this year if he is imprisoned. Political analysts say the ruling party is trying to keep Imran out of the polls by portraying him as unfit. According to many, Imran Khan is the most popular political figure in the country today.

Therefore, if the election is held excluding him, the election will be questioned. Political analysts believe that Imran Khan will be able to influence the elections even if he is imprisoned under legal custody. With Imran’s support, many people believe that someone less popular can pass the electoral process.

Imran Khan Became The Prime Minister Of Pakistan Under The Supervision Of the Army

In 2018, Imran Khan’s election as Prime Minister was due to the blessings of the army. However, as time went on, the army began to clash with Imran. Later in 2022, for the first time in Pakistan’s history, Imran Khan had to resign as Prime Minister after facing a vote of no confidence by the opposition in the Parliament. After losing power, more than 150 cases of corruption, abuse of state power, and facilitating terrorist activities were filed against him.

What Are Imran Khan’s Supporters Doing?

Earlier, immediately after the arrest of Imran Khan, Imran Khan’s party Tehri King Insaf started a massive movement across Pakistan. But this time after the arrest of Imran Khan in the Tosakhana case, there is no movement in Pakistan.

The reason behind this is that the supporters of Imran Khan’s party have been arrested extensively. Even till now, about 15 to 20 thousand cases have been filed against all the leaders and workers of Imran Khan and there are thousands of leaders and workers in jail. As a result, Imran Khan’s party Tehri King Insaaf, or PTI is afraid to take part in the movement due to such activities of the army.

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