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When Will A Nuclear War Between Russia & The United States Begin?

Nuclear war between Russia and the United States

Nuclear war between Russia and the United States! What will happen if Russia and the United States go to war with the current situation in the world? The idea is not new. Whenever there is unrest around the world, many fear that the two countries are involved. So there is a plan for what a possible attack will look like and what to do to prevent it.

The fear of starting a nuclear war between Russia and the United States is discussed over the war in Ukraine. Russia has planted a nuclear bomb in the neighboring friendly country Belarus. The target is Western Europe and the United States. NATO hopes to drive Russia out of eastern Ukraine by the end of 2023. Russian President Putin will not let that happen. If the war starts, how will it start? NATO countries fear that Russia will launch a cyber attack on them first. Military computers will be disabled.

This cyber attack will be carried out with the opportunity of any software update. As a result, the high-tech open system of the United States and NATO European countries will become temporarily useless. Before they are fixed, Russia will start military operations in both Europe and Alaska. The US will move to DEFCON Level 2, the stage just before the nuclear war. Armed forces will be ready for deployment in less than 6 hours.

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US and NATO will start cyber attacks to take revenge on Russia. In addition to the military operation, Russia’s electricity system will also be destroyed. Russia will not look at this. Airbases in Poland and Romania will be destroyed by airstrikes.

As if no help could come to Ukraine from that direction. Millions of people will die. American and NATO soldiers will also die. In response, drone strikes will be launched against air bases in Crimea. This will endanger the lives of Russian soldiers and also destroy many Russian warplanes.

At the same time, the United States will destroy Russian communication satellites by firing some SM3 missiles. This will reduce the Russian GPS and communication capabilities with the enemy. Russia will begin destroying NATO missile systems in Poland by sending MiK 31 King-Zhal missiles. The death toll will increase.

The country will completely cut off gas supplies to Europe. Europe will now start military operations in Russia. They will want to destroy Russia’s air defense system. Missile attacks from US and NATO submarines and warships in the Black Sea would disable most of Russia’s land-to-air defenses. The whole world will watch the dog fight between the fighter planes of the two sides in the sky. The US F-fifteen and F-16 will come to Europe to fight. US Corbo planes will bring more weapons.

The frontal war between the armies of the two sides will continue on the border of Western Europe and Russia. Civilians’ lives will become dire with the clanging of heavy weapons.

Russia will enter the field with the full strength of the army. Russian airstrikes will also begin on US military installations in Al Aqsa state. The Russian submarine will reach the west coast of the United States through the Pacific Ocean with long-range missiles. On this front, the US will be active from the US bases in Japan, South Korea, and Guam.

The US will launch airstrikes on Russia’s east coast. And Europe and the United States will be dark if Russia’s cyber power is lost. Missile silos on both sides would be immobilized by cyber attacks. The good news is that it will reduce the risk of nuclear attack. The exact answer to whether the two sides will lose power and go to UN-brokered anti-war, or start a nuclear war, is not yet known.

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