Which Team Had The Strongest Batting Lineup n ODI World Cup 2023

ODI World Cup 2023 Which Team's Batting Lineup Is Strongest

 ODI World Cup 2023 Which Team’s Batting Lineup Is Strongest! According to India’s pitch and conditions, 280 to 350 runs per match will be effortless. And the mind setup of the batsmen should be set in the same way. I was talking about the 2023 World Cup to be held in India. But players from all countries are well aware of the conditions in India as a result of IPL.

No team will be left behind. But the mantra to do well in cricket is a strong batting line-up. And the team that does it best will be successful. So in today’s post, we will see which team’s batting lineup will be the most advanced in terms of strength in the 2023 World Cup. Let’s find out from this post.

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Sri Lanka

When friends talk about this team, they remember big star batsmen like Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Sanak Jayasuriya, and Kimba Dilshan. But with the change of times, the team is full of youth even though there are no big names. Sri Lanka won the 2022 Asia Cup with this team.

So they are not far behind in terms of confidence. And this team is more excited after passing the qualifier round in the current World Cup. Talking about the batting lineup, the one whose name will be at the top is Patham Nishank. This youngster has already made his mark.

This opener caught everyone’s attention by scoring the second-highest 417 runs in the World Cup Qualifier round with two centuries and two fifties. Along with him is another experienced opener Dwimut Karna Ratne. He was also the third-highest run scorer in the qualifier round.

Besides, Kushal Mendis will be in one down. So their top order will be great. Moreover, there are batsmen like Asalanka, Dhananjaya Dsivla, and Captain Dasan Chanaka in the middle order. Who can play a great role anywhere from the middle order to tailenders?

Especially Captain Dasan Chanaka’s finishing is outstanding. However, the team will be far behind in terms of experience in the crowd of youth. So considering the team’s batting ability I would personally rate them 6.5 out of 10. And this rating is just my personal opinion.

New Zealand

The most unlucky team in cricket is New Zealand. Because winning three World Cup finals in a row has never been so close to that dream World Cup. Despite fighting hard in the 2015-2019 ODI World Cup and the final of the 2021 T20 World Cup, the title of champion was not worn.

So captain Kane Williamson was the main engineer behind the success of the team in major tournaments. With his wise captaincy and excellent batting, he would have taken the team to the ranks of the best. However, due to injury in the IPL, the World Cup has become uncertain for this batsman. However, he is trying to recover very quickly before the World Cup. Also, the batting ability of the team is great. As for the Devon cause.

He was seen as a great opening batsman for Chennai in the last IPL. But apart from the T20 format, Aastha’s name in the other two formats is due to this reason. Having scored three centuries and three fifties in just 18 ODIs, he has great confidence in this format.

Besides, the experienced Tom Latham is not there. Who has been captaining William brilliantly and has his name in the list of top 10 run-scorers in the ICC ODI Super League. So it is understood that he is in the best batting form. Besides, batsmen like Finn Allen, and Adam Mill can challenge the opponent. I would rate them 7.5 out of 10 considering their current batting ability.

South Africa

Despite having the world’s best batsman, the world’s best bowler, the world’s best all-rounder, or the world’s best fielder, this team has yet to lift a World Cup trophy. However, after an early exit from the 2019 World Cup, this team will be determined to do well this time around.

In terms of the batting strength of the team, experienced Quinton de Kock will be in the top order. Along with this, he has many records in ODIs including 17 centuries and 30 fifties in Erie and another explosive top order batsman is Rhys Bander Dusse. His batting average never fell below the site. Rhys Bander Dusse is second in the ICC ODI rankings. Also in this batting unit is captain Tenda Babuma. Who is in the best form at the moment?

So these three top-order batsmen will challenge the opposition. Besides, Adam Mercuram and Henry Clausoney will handle the middle order and aggressive batsmen like experienced David Milne will give the last finish. So according to the batting lineup, it can be understood that this team will emerge quite strongly. But they lost the World Cup stage. However, considering the team’s current batting ability, their rating will be 7.5 out of 10.


The Yellow Army is one of the most successful teams in World Cup history. And this team is on the list of favorites in this year’s World Cup. Because there is a great bowling attack as well as a strong batting lineup. Who can crush the bowling attack of the opposition?

But since the World Cup will be held in India, there will be a plus point for Australian batsmen. Because OG’s main batsmen have been playing in IPL for a long time. For example, let’s take David Warner’s whereabouts. This left-handed batsman has been playing in the IPL since 2009 and has nearly 6500 runs in the IPL. So it can be said that he will feel quite comfortable batting on Indian soil at the World Cup stage. Besides, another hot hitter batsman Maxwell has experience playing 124 matches in IPL.

In addition, the main pillar of the team’s batting is Steven Smith. David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Warnes Lavusane in the top order and Steven Smith, Marker Harris, Travis Head, Alex Carey in the middle order, and Glenn Maxwell in the finish is an excellent batting lineup. Who can terrorize any bowling lineup? So judging the experience and capability of the team I would rate them 8.5.


The current champion team is England. Who has been dominating the cricket world since winning the 2019 World Cup? The 2022 T20 World Cup has also taken its continuation. And England is one of the favorite teams in the 2023 World Cup. England is a team with great balance in batting, bowling, and fielding. On top of that, winning two World Cups in a row will boost their confidence in the 2023 World Cup. They have a bowling attack as well as a strong batting lineup.

The team has experienced batsmen like Jason Roy, Alex Hale, and Jonny Bairstow. The most experienced batsman and team captain Yash Buttler will handle the main strategy of the team. Also, there are batsmen like Harry Brooks, Liam Livingston, Debit Malan, Roots, and Moeen Ali in the middle order. Moreover, these players have experience playing in IPL.

Therefore, England is considered as the hottest team in this World Cup. Because their recent World Cup performance is much higher than any other team. Therefore, considering the strength of the batting unit of this team, the rating for them will be 8.5.


Pakistan is now a self-sufficient team in batting, bowling, and all-rounders. Talking about special batting, only batting can be seen from top to bottom. And in terms of their batting ability in the ODI, Pakistan has three of the top 5 batsmen in the ICC ODI batting rankings. So no one has any doubts about the team’s batting ability. For example, the heart hitter batsman Faqar Zaman is in the opening.

Whose attacking batting has nothing to say? Imamul Haque will handle the responsibility of another opener. Another batting pillar of the top order. Babar Azam is currently in first place in the ODI batting rankings. And Babar Azam is in great form at the moment. For example, he is on the list of the best run scorers in the ICC ODI Super League.

So Pakistan’s Topwader is in the strongest position at the moment judging by recent form. Besides, experienced batsmen like Mohammad Rezwan, Haris, Nawaz, and Ibte Kard will handle the responsibility of middle warders. Who are masters of playing long innings and finishing? So the recent form of Pakistan’s batting lineup would be rated 9 out of 10.

Hot favorite India

Team India is the biggest team in the 2023 World Cup. Everyone knows how terrible it is at home. And on that occasion, India will want to keep the World Cup trophy at home with the home venue advantage. But as a team, they are far ahead in terms of strength.

In addition to bowling, India has always shown weakness in batting. In continuation of that, the team has arranged a complete batting unit which will bring distant dreams for many batsmen. First of all, the hitman famous captain Rohit Sharma is in the opening. This is going to be the last World Cup.

So he will be desperate to give his best. Moreover, no one has any confusion about his batting ability. Because in the 2019 World Cup, he was the highest run-scorer in the tournament. And this time, in his home field, he understands how terrible he is going to be.

Besides, there are youngsters like Shubman Gill. Whose batting has millions of fans? The batting average of this batsman in ODIs is 65.55. But the biggest name in the top order is King Kohli. There is nothing to say about his batting performance.

Although suffering from a lack of form in the middle, he is now back in form. Along with a strong top order, the middle order also has batsmen like Rahul, Sirius Iyer, and Hardik Pandya. So it can be said that the batting ability of this team is sky-high. In terms of the strength of India’s batting lineup, they will have a rating of 9.2.


Recently, the situation of Bangladesh cricket was in turmoil due to Tamim’s return case. But he returned to the team. In that case, Bangladesh’s top-order batting lineup has become stronger. Also, the best format in Bangladesh is the ODI. And Bangladesh has informed the whole world of its capabilities. Bangladesh is very dangerous, especially on the soil of the country. And since this year’s World Cup is in India, Bangladesh can think of itself as their home venue.

Talking about Bangladesh’s batting lineup, especially opener Tamim Iqbal has to be mentioned separately. He is currently the most experienced opener in Bangladesh ODI cricket, this batsman has more than 8000 runs in ODIs. So Tamim will want to paint his last World Cup. Another opener Liton Kumar Das will accompany Tamim in the opening. Nazmul Hossain Shanto is also in great form.

And apart from this, we have to talk about the especially experienced all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan. His performance in the last 19 World Cups won everyone’s hearts. The best advertisement of Bangladesh will try to give its best in this ODI World Cup. However, the biggest name in Bangladesh’s middle order is Mr. Defensive Mushfiqur Rahim.

This experienced batsman always helps Bangladesh to play long innings. There is also the Tawheed heart. He has been playing in great form since his debut. If he can maintain this performance, then it can be said that Bangladesh will play great in the World Cup, and at the end, there are batsmen like Afif Hossain and Mehdi Miraz, all in all, it can be said that Bangladesh’s batting combination is going to be very consistent and experienced in this World Cup. So select how many ratings can be given based on this batting combination of Bangladesh and let us know in the comment box.

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