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Why Was Pharaoh’s Passport Created?

Pharaoh's passport made

Pharaoh’s passport made! Ancient Egyptian emperors were called pharaohs or pharaohs. Pharaoh is not a name but a title. It is believed that about 3300 years ago in ancient Egypt there was a pharaoh named Ramesses II. God gave this pharaoh power, dominion, and wealth.

He abuses this power in every way. Denies Allah and claims himself as a creator. Allah says in the Qur’an: “Pharaoh says, O creation of the world, I do not know that you have a God other than Me.” So lay bricks for me, O people, then build for me a palace so that I may see the God of Musa, I am sure that he is a liar.”

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Pharaoh Drowned In The Sea

A fortuneteller told Pharaoh that the Israelites would bear a son who would overthrow him. Then he began to kill all the male children born in the houses of the Israelites. However, he could not kill Musa (peace be upon him) by Allah’s command.

Not only that, Musa Alaihis Salam grew up in Pharaoh’s own house. We all know what happened next. Musa (peace be upon him) killed a man by mistake. and fled from Egypt. Then when he came back after receiving Prophethood and told Pharaoh about guidance, Pharaoh did not pursue Musa Alai Salaam and his followers to punish them.

At the command of Allah, the sea was divided into two parts and Musa (peace be upon him) and his followers easily crossed the sea on foot. But Allah drowned Pharaoh and his followers in that sea.

Pharaoh’s Passport Made

The pharaoh’s body was found in 1881 and was found to be completely uncorrupted. It is kept in a museum in Egypt. Then the French government requested the body of the pharaoh from the then-Egyptian government for research by some archaeologists.

However, France’s rule then was that anyone living or dead entering France must have a passport. As a result, Pharaoh’s passport was created. And was taken to France. A scientist working on this research was Professor Maurice Bukhaili. He was born in a Christian family in France.

He began experimenting with the pharaoh’s corpse. The reason why Pharaoh’s body was not cremated, he saw that there was a lot of salt on the body. And it is impossible to have so much salt at the bottom of the sea without more. He found injury marks on the neck of the dead body.

Which is usually caused by a big wave of the sea. Then someone told him that the Muslim Qur’an mentions a pharaoh who drowned in the sea. He was very surprised because wax was found in 1881 and the Quran was revealed thousands of years ago. Then he started to research.

First, he wore the Bible and then the Torah. Although it is said that Pharaoh pursued Musa and drowned in the sea, nothing was said about the preservation of the body. The preservation of dead bodies is only mentioned in the Quran. He observed in a verse of the Qur’an “”Today I will protect your body so that you may be a sign for those after you. Most people are certainly indifferent to my instructions”.

Maurice realized that Pharaoh was a man who claimed to be God. Nowjubillah. And Allah punished him. And preserved his body as a sign for transgressors. Morris then also understood why Pharaoh’s body remained intact despite the humidity of the seawater. Because Allah himself preserves it, this is how Allah warns the transgressors and guides the wise through His signs.

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