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Science Has Yet To Solve Why Planes And Birds Crash In The Sky

plane crash

plane crash! A few years ago an airplane was all set for a successful landing. However, the accident occurred a few meters above the runway. A bird hits the cockpit screen. Fortunately, the screen did not break and the aircraft landed safely. But not all airlines are so lucky.

15th January 2009 at 3:25 PM. US Air Bus Flight 1549 was ready for take-off from New York Airport. It took off successfully after a few minutes. The plane was carrying 150 passengers and 5 crew members. The plane was at a height of 118 feet. Suddenly a flock of birds caught the eye of the pilot. Time was very short and it was almost impossible to turn the aircraft out of the way.

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If birds enter the aircraft’s turbo engine, the engine shuts down and the alternate engine starts. But Flight 1549 had two engines missing, and at 2,800 feet, both engines caught fire. The pilot made a bold decision. He maneuvered the plane into the Hudson River. The rescue team reached there quickly and rescued all the passengers safely. This phenomenon is called Miracle in the Hearts.

Even with so much technology, modern airplanes are at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with birds. There was a flock of birds in the US incident, but even a small bird can push a plane into a major crash. Generally, the job of a jet engine in an airplane is to pull forward air and push it backward to produce thrust force.

When the air is released from the balloon, the balloon moves forward, and when the sailor pulls the water in front of the boat to the back, the opposite force is applied to the front of the boat, so the boat moves forward. In the same way, a jet engine pulls the front air with great force, pushes it back with great force, and moves forward with great speed.

A Jet Engine Pulls In 1250 Kg Of Air

A jet engine draws in 1,250 kg of air per second and when it exits the back of the engine, the pressure is 100 times greater. A jet engine in an airbus produces a thrust of 127,000 kg per second. A 2 lakhs 54 kg thrust will be created from two engines which are equal to a train engine.

That is, if there is a train engine behind the plane during take-off, it will also overturn. Due to the thrust generated by the jet engine, a woman died when the bus overturned on the runway. So the airport authorities fixed a certain distance where it is forbidden to go when the engine of the aircraft is running.

The Annual Loss Of The Aviation Industry Is 1.2 Billion Dollars

But what about the birds in the open sky? According to a report, the aviation industry is losing $1.2 billion yearly due to birds. Big green trees are not planted in the airport to prevent the movement of birds. Somewhere again blank shots are fired. The calls of predators are played over the loudspeaker. Again the help of dogs is taken somewhere.

But there is nothing to do with birds that can fly very high. For example, falcons have been seen at a height of 15,000 feet. Parija birds can climb to a height of 23 thousand feet, so there is a risk of accidents with them.

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