This Time, Messi Will Be Given The Best Super Ballon D’Or In History

The history of the Super Ballon d'Or

The history of the Super Ballon d’Or! Hello, friends hope everyone is well. For those football-loving friends out there, today we will be discussing the Super Ballon d’Or. Many people have a lot of fake ideas about it. The concepts that we will elaborate on in today’s post.

What is The Super Ballon d’Or?

The Super Ballon d’Or is a prestigious award. France Football gives this magazine. Who gives the Ballon d’Or? They choose a footballer who is the best in the context of the last three decades ie the last 30 years. France Football has only given this quota once before.

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That was in 1989. Alfredo Stefano, the former Argentinian legendary footballer, received this award. Previously ranked as the best player of 3 decades and there. Where Johann Chris was placed in second place. And Platini was placed in third place.

At that time, only European players counted in the Ballon d’Or or Super Ballon d’Or. That’s why players like Play, and Maradona are not considered here. Although Alfredo Stefano was Argentinian, he later took Spanish nationality, i.e. he had dual nationality. From that place, he was considered and given this honor.

Eligibility For The Super Ballon d’Or

One thing must be clearly understood here, like the normal Ballon d’Or, there is no award given every year or season based on the analysis of a player’s quality based on voting. It is mainly given on an honor basis. There is also a voting process.

It was originally given by France Football to announce the best footballer of the 3 decades. After that, France Football never said that they would give this award every 30 years. After that, they did not give this award after 1989. Even so far it has not been clarified exactly when they will give this award again.

But the kind of news that was heard after Lionel Messi won the World Cup and many media outlets were promoting the Super Ballon d’Or would return from their position. They would truly recognize Lionel Messi’s achievements this time.

They will award Lionel Messi the Super Ballon d’Or after winning the World Cup. Will announce as the best player of the last 30 years. There have been reports in many places that this Super Ballon d’Or will be awarded now or in 2029. So far the matter has been considered. France Football has yet to announce a final decision.

Fake News In The Media

Since there is a rumor in the market in many magazines but it has a ranking they do as their own. scored a run. They also polled their readers.

Many rankings show that Lionel Messi was in the number one position. That is, if you get the Super Ballon d’Or, you will get Messi of Lyon. If France Football finally decides to give one. And if France’s footballers decide to give two people then Cristiano Ronaldo will be considered. Such news is heard. But this is what we get wrong a lot, and the misinformation we get from many privileged content creators is that the Super Ballon d’Or is an audience poll.

Many people are saying that Lionel Messi has won this year’s Super Ballon d’Or. Again, some media have published the date of the Super Ballon d’Or. Nothing like that happened.
It’s an honor France Football feels they can give at any time. Completely so far, no evidence has been found in 100% true form whether it will give immediately, take time, or not at all.

One thing I want to say for those who are football fans and Messi fans. After winning the World Cup, Messi does not care about such honors at all. Messi’s dream was to win the World Cup and he did it.

And the awards that will be given now will not have any impact on Messi’s life or his career. That’s why we want to tell those who are football fans. Whether Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo gets the Super Ballon d’Or, France Football will decide when and who will receive it.

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