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Ukraine Is Now The Testing Ground For Western Artificial Intelligence

Use of artificial intelligence in Ukraine

Use of artificial intelligence in Ukraine! Due to the Ukraine-Russia war, the whole world has been shocked. Especially the economic turmoil in the country has made everyone think more or less. But this war has been a blessing for many. China claims that the US military and technology companies have benefited greatly financially from the Ukraine war.

And that too by using artificial intelligence technology. The US is using the Ukraine war as a testing ground for the currently hotly debated technology of artificial intelligence or AI warfare. Such allegations have also been made in the meantime. But how? The rest of artificial intelligence? I will answer these questions in today’s post.

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On July 6, the Chinese media Global Time reported that the US military and some Western technology companies have chosen Russia to use the Ukraine war as a business medium. It is also considering new artificial intelligence technologies and an open testing environment for such products.

They cite a recent Bloomberg report on the financial trajectory of a 23-year-old American entrepreneur named Blaze Resling, a Chinese media outlet. It shows how this man became a million-dollar owner by selling his drone in Ukraine. The report highlights several examples of US institutions’ involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war using artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is basically a technology that makes machines work like human intelligence and think through data analysis. In this case, the current chat GPT can be said. This artificial intelligence platform is doing what people want. Again, artificial intelligence is not limited to virtual. This technology is being used through various applications or apps. This technology is also being used especially in battlefield firearms, missiles, rockets, etc.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Ukraine

US agencies are using artificial intelligence in Ukraine to use satellite imagery as valuable intelligence and surveillance. Such as penalty technology, planet lap, black sky technology, and maxsar technology. These organizations are using AI-based systems or artificial intelligence technology to generate satellite imagery of the battlefield. Plantik Technologist has supplied various technological products to the Ukrainian forces.

How Is The Field Of Artificial Intelligence?

Analysts say it is clear that war-torn Ukraine has become an ideal testing ground for evaluating new technologies and weapons systems. Especially on the battlefield, the Ukrainian army is getting the opportunity to use artificial intelligence products. And its makers are getting their results instantly through the army. But security analysts call them a threat to Ukraine’s security. And how is that?

Is AI Technology A Real Threat To Security In Ukraine?

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has seen the world see the full range of technology weapons and artificial intelligence in action, including drones, ships, warships, as well as communications and intelligence operations.

Chinese experts insist that Western countries are testing their AI capabilities through the widespread use of artificial intelligence. Chinese military observer Wan Piang told the media, that under the pretext of supporting Ukraine, these Western institutions can steal information from important areas of Ukraine’s national defense and information network.

Which is a threat to the security of Ukraine in the future. Wan also warned that such activity risks leaking sensitive information. According to this Chinese expert, using Ukraine as a testing ground gives the US a wide range of opportunities to test artificial intelligence.

Not only that, he accused the US of trying to break Europe into pieces by using Ukraine. Security analysts have also expressed concern over the US’s construction of so-called information infrastructure network facilities, advanced technology, especially artificial intelligence technology, and the enhancement of NATO’s information warfare capabilities.

Many say the Russia-Ukraine war has become a networked battlefield, and AI is shaping up to be the future battlefield. There are also concerns about the potential negative consequences of the unregulated use of such technology in Ukraine. The uncontrolled and potentially rapid development of military applications of artificial intelligence will undermine international humanitarian law and norms related to the protection of civilians, experts believe.

More than how much the US and its allies benefit from replacing AI-equipped systems, the West’s plans to improve future strategies and weapons will affect the entire world.

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