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How Artificial Rain Is Produced In The Process Of Cloud Seeding

What is the cloud seeding process

What is the cloud seeding process! Have people learned how to control the weather? Cloud seeding is a technology that allows people to send rain wherever they want. This technology has been used for many years. China has spent millions of dollars on this technology. Technology has reached such a point that it will not rain in a certain place on a certain day, this is also ensured by a French institute. Suppose you want to keep your wedding day rain-free. In the process of cloud seeding, this company will ensure that there will be no rain on that day. One million dollars should be counted for this. Then the question may arise as to why this technology is not used in countries during drought or heat waves.

Three States Of Matter

Before understanding cloud seeding technology, it is necessary to know how clouds are formed in the sky. We all know about the three states of matter. These three states of water are ice, liquid, and water vapor. Matter changes from one state to another.

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Ice melts to form water, water cools to form ice, and water is heated to form water vapor. When this water vapor turns into water, it is called condensation. The higher the water vapor content in the air, the higher the humidity. Again, if the water vapor is less, the humidity is less. What happens when water vapor rises? As we rise above the surface the temperature decreases.

That is why it is colder in the mountains. When water vapor reaches high altitudes, small droplets of water condense into water due to the cold. Later, these water vapors become clouds by mixing with numerous dust particles floating in the air. If the cloud rises higher than this, the water particles freeze and become ice.

There are two types of clouds, one is made of water droplets and the other is made of ice. Clouds made of ice are located at the top. As the weight increases, the float starts to fall. If the temperature continues to fall during the fall, we see snowfall. If the temperature is high, the ice melts and we see rain.

The Father Of Cloud Seeding

American chemist Vincent Cypher is said to be the father of cloud seeding. In July 1946, Cypher made the first successful practical application of artificial rain at the General Electric Laboratory in the United States. If the clouds in the troposphere can be artificially condensed ahead of time, the rain will start immediately.

Cloud seeding essentially does this. Airplane rockets or missiles drop dry ice, silver potassium iodite, liquid propane gas, and even potassium chloride onto the clouds to help the clouds condense faster and cause rain. Artificial snow is produced along with rain using the same technology.

Silver iodide is currently most commonly used for cloud seeding and is very popular. China is creating artificial rain by sending silver iodide into the atmosphere via rockets. Scientists in the United Arab Emirates are using electric charges instead of harmful chemicals.

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