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American History! The name of the country that comes to mind at the beginning of the world is America or the United States. In today’s world politics, economy, and culture, the influence of the country is the most prestigious.

Is the United States so aggressive and influential from the beginning? How did the United States become today? And how is the practice of Moral Giri continued? In today’s episode of geopolitics, we will discuss the United States’ Moral Giri. So friends let’s start today’s post.

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The United States has been turning the knife around the world for ages. Was the United States under anyone today? Yes, the United States was once under colonial rule. According to historians, today’s America refers to the United States. But about 240 years ago, America meant the whole of South and North America.

Historians say that Europeans first discovered America in 1493. At that time, America was called the New World. That is, in 1578, the English started the first campaign. From the beginning of the 1600s, the whole of America came under British and colonial rule.

After 175 years of British rule, the American Revolution, or War of Independence began in April. America’s independence was declared on July 4, 1776. In 1776, Washington started a war against the British with a large army. That revolution lasted until 1783. Later, the British army surrendered to the French forces and the joint forces of Judge Washington.

On September 3, 1783, Britain recognized America’s sovereignty and borders through the Treaty of Paris. The creation of today’s United States. However, the United States did not become a superpower until after it wrested sovereignty from Britain. Until 70 years of independence, the United States was not among the most powerful countries in the world.

At this time, the country has expanded its empire. In 1898 the United States took control of the Spanish Empire. Many experts believe that US imperialism began with the Spanish-American War. According to analysts, the style of American foreign policy changed because of this war. The United States looks to foreign countries for a growing economy. As the empire grew, the United States gradually became a major world power.

After World War II, the United States became more dominant economically, socially, and technologically. Because the only rival of the United States, the Soviet Union fell. However, the Soviet Union and the United States fought side by side in World War II. At one point in the war, the Soviet Union was weakened against Japan and Germany. So the Soviet Union approached the United States in the hope of victory. The increasingly powerful United States then provided massive military aid to the Soviet Union and Britain. Thus, the United States was directly involved in World War II.

How did the friendship between the Soviet Union and the United States turn into enmity?

The Soviet Union suffered greatly in World War II. Still, the Soviet Union was on par with the West in various military, space, science, and technology competitions. It can be said that in some cases it was ahead. But the Cold War started between the two powers with the communism of the Soviet Union and the doctrine of captains of the West.

The Soviet Union entered into unequal competition with the United States and the major Western economies. The West imposed a series of economic sanctions on the Soviet Union. As a result, the Soviet economy, dependent on oil and gas exports, became fragile. In the late 1980s, this superpower weakened. So the four-decade-long Cold War ended in 1991. The final collapse of the Soviet Union. After that, no equal power could stand in front of the United States.

As a result, America became the most powerful country in the world. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a radical change began in world politics. The title of superpower goes to the United States. A bipolar world becomes a unipolar world. Where the United States appears as a cover. Along with this, ethnic conflicts, terrorism, and mass destruction also spread worldwide.

Since 1943, the military power of the United States has been constantly improved, various studies show. According to analysts, military superiority creates an opportunity to establish control over allied and third-world countries. And this is done using military alliances like NATO. As well as by building relationships with military groups active there to overthrow socialist and democratic governments.

After World War II, Latin America continued to experience many such developments. In Latin America and East and Central Asia, the United States, the superpower, began to struggle. Follow our next post to find out how the United States is enforcing this policy in country after country.

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