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Starling Internet Service Now In Bangladesh

What is Starling Internet Service

What is Starling Internet Service: Elon Max’s internet provider Asterlink is going to launch a satellite internet service in Bangladesh. Many of you may have known this a few months ago. And soon it may become a reality. Because two representatives of Elon Max’s Space X arrived in Bangladesh on July 26, 2023. State Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak held a meeting at the ICT Tower in Dhaka. Already 60 countries of the world are covered by Sterling Internet. From this, it is understood that on a large scale, Starling Internet has reached people’s doorsteps.

What is Sterling Internet?

starling is a low earth orbit satellite internet service. which provides users with a broadband internet connection. With the help of this service, good internet service is delivered to various remote areas or rural areas. SpaceX has successfully launched more than 1,000 Sterling satellites so far. Starling launched about 60 satellites in 2021. Elon Max used the Kennedy Space Center. And it uses the launchable Falcon 9 orbital rocket.

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How does Sterling Internet work?

Since Sterling provides satellite-based Internet services, antennas are required to receive its signal. Much like a dis umbrella. But small in size. Sterling’s signal can be found sitting on any edge with a one-foot umbrella. Lower-orbit satellites are used for this.

And due to low orbital satellites, the latency rate is much reduced. Latency Red refers to the time it takes to transfer data from one point to another on a low-orbital satellite. And due to low latency, they are much better for online buffering, gaming, and video calling. You need to use a signal decoder or receiver to get this sterling internet.

What are the benefits of Sterling Internet?

The advantage of Starling Internet is that you can use this satellite internet service from anywhere. Sometimes its speed will be much faster than expected. Nothing is likely to be lost simply because of its absence.

This is actually an advantage for Starling satellites. Another thing is that this starling internet can provide you service support very well in remote areas and during disasters. Latency issues are one of the biggest drawbacks of Sterling Internet right now. And the price of Sterling Internet will be much higher than Bangladesh Internet. Which is a concern for users in Bangladesh.

Another disadvantage is that the sky must be clear for sterling internet. And that is not possible to keep under human control. Also, too much rain or too much wind can cause interruptions to this stellar internet. Which will slow down the internet speed. Another problem is that Starling will not support any VPN over the internet.

What will Sterling Internet look like for Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has agreed to a pilot project to understand what Sterling Internet will look like for Bangladesh and how much benefit it can bring to Bangladesh. According to this logic, Starling will provide experimental internet services in Bangladesh for 3 months. For this they have given two devices. One of the two devices will be installed inside the bus to test the functionality of Starling Internet. Another will be placed on a hill or on a remote island.

But this sterling internet comes with several advantages and disadvantages. Let Starlink Internet come to Bangladesh. But it must be profitable for the people of Bangladesh. Because there are many Internet merchants as well as many users in Bangladesh. And none of them want to harm the people of the country. And someone outside the country should benefit.

Because the people here want the money of this country to stay inside the country. If this sterling internet cannot bring benefits to Bangladesh then I think people will not accept sterling internet service for this country. Tell us your opinion about Starling Internet in Bangladesh in our comment box and stay with us if you want to know about new projects of Elon Max.

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