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History And Attack Capabilities Of The B2 Stealth Bomber

B2 Stealth Bomber History

B2 Stealth Bomber History! The B2 Speed is the most expensive military aircraft in the world. Which is called a B2 Stealth Bomber in action training. 1999 incident. The fourth war is going on in Europe. NATO, the world’s largest military alliance, launched an attack on Serbia to avoid a Muslim genocide like in Bosnia.

After flying from the United States and crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the distance of about five and a half thousand miles of non-stop lights came to Serbia and began to attack six special types of aircraft. The generals of the Air Defense Brigade of the European country had their hands on their heads. NATO’s surprise airstrikes followed close ally Russia’s warning. That was “The Unbelievable Power of the b2 Bomber”.

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Serbia had prepared all its anti-aircraft missiles and radars to avoid this. But after the airstrikes started, it was found that they were of no use. The enemy’s unknown bombers are shot down by missiles and are not visible on the radar.

The most dangerous and expensive warplanes in the world, B2 speed, destroyed important military installations in and around the capital Belgrade in a few minutes, and the planes returned to their base five and a half thousand miles away. The planes flew continuously for 30 hours to cover this distance. Maybe wondering if there is such a sophisticated aircraft in the world that can go so far to attack and return. Today we will tell you about the world’s most expensive plane B2 speed.

This US-made long-range bomber is said to be a marvel of the aviation world. Long-range bombers had been in demand since before World War II. During the Cold War, other superpowers, including the United States and the Soviet Union, began developing such advanced aircraft. Following this, the US Air Force formed the Global Strike Squared Drone.

In other words, the main strength of this fleet is aircraft capable of launching airstrikes anywhere in the world from the United States. The B52, the famous bomber during the Cold War era, had a low speed limit. Again the radar cross-section was very high. which could have been easily detected by advanced Soviet radars. As a result, the US Air Force felt the need for stealth bombers. In the 1970s, the United States began experimenting with developing stealth fighter jets capable of evading radar.

ATB Project

The unique geometric design and placement of the B2 help to absorb and absorb certain distortions of radar waves. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, leads most of the government’s advanced technology projects.

In 1974 the Advanced Technology Bomber ATB project saw the giant RCA aircraft disappear on radar. To develop the project, the concept was invited by various aircraft manufacturers. Note that US military projects are awarded on open tender. The US government buys the best and most advanced weapons from the company. Many companies responded to this call.

Among them, Lockheed advanced in the experience of building the world’s most advanced aircraft, the SR 71 Blackbird. Both of these aircraft have some stealth, but not enough for what Darper needs. Lockheed later produced the F Hundred 17 Night Hawk Ecosys. It is the world’s first effective stealth aircraft.

But in this case, this aircraft was made for intelligence missions. However, the Ministry of Defense was not entirely satisfied with Lockheed’s small-scale attack capabilities. Following this, Knott conducted a highly classified 1979 test flight of the company’s Area 51 aircraft. This was the b2 sales bomber.

The prototype was later built in 1987 and the B2 flew for the first time in 1989. So far, $23 billion has been spent on the project due to several design changes and updates. But the cost level is only the beginning b2, your eyes will go up when you see the cost level.

BTU Construction Cost

As of 1997, the construction cost behind each aircraft was $737 million. This is the actual cost of the flight. However, including spare parts and equipment, the Air Force purchased each aircraft for $1929 million. It takes about 119 hours to prepare for a flight each time after returning from a mission.

The reason it takes so long is due to regular maintenance and stealth coding. The US Air Force intended to build 132 aircraft in the TB program. But in the meantime, the main enemy of the United States, the Soviet Union, has fallen.

On the other hand, the number came down to only 20 because of the cost overruns in the aircraft program. Later, the prototype Typeco was developed into a professional aircraft at an additional cost of $500 million. That is, the United States brought a total of 21 aircraft into service. Among them, a plane crashed in 2008 due to a malfunction in meteorological software.

B2 Stealth Bomber History

The B2 bomber is a terror to the enemy. Each plane costs $1.35 million per hour to fly. It takes place in a fully air-conditioned hangar room. The cost of which is about 5 million dollars. Beyond that, maintenance alone costs $3.4 million a year for each aircraft. For these reasons, research and development costs, and update costs combined have cost 2.2 billion dollars behind each B2 so far. This makes the B2 the world’s most expensive military-civilian aircraft.

Ability Of B2

The B2 Speed is a long-race strategic bomber. It was designed to bomb deep into enemy bases and inflict maximum damage. Two pilots are enough to operate the aircraft has several unique features as it has to fly in the sky for a long time.

Pilots have toilets to answer the call of nature. There is also a mini kitchen for heating food. With the autopilot system, one person can sit in the cockpit and the other can sleep in the back corridor. But both have to stay in the cockpit while refueling mid-air.

Due to the stealth advantage of the aircraft, it can attack the enemy far inside the area by evading the radar. It is capable of flying at an altitude of 50,000 feet making it more difficult for radar to detect. The B2’s two internal fuel tanks are capable of continuous operation at a distance of 11,000 kilometers at a maximum speed of 1,100 meters with 75,650 liters of fuel.

However, the range can be increased to 19,000 kilometers by taking fuel from the tanker aircraft in mid-air. As a result, it is possible to attack any part of the world with fuel multiple times and return to the United States. That’s why B2 speed can undoubtedly be called the best bomber in the world.

B2 Stealth Bomber Attempted Data Theft

No other country has an equivalent aircraft. But recently China has made its copy version. The Soviet Union had previously failed several times to steal information about the plane. It can carry various types of bombs from 18 to 23 tons in capacity.

The B2 has two internal weapon bays. The stealth-powered aircraft hides its weapons inside its belly instead of its wings. It can carry 500 pounds of MK82 and a total of 80D bombs called GBU Thirty. That is, the engine of the plane was running for 70 hours continuously. Not stopped for once. Or no problem.

B2 Stealth Bomber History

This is where the B2 excels. It is a marvel of modern aviation. Among civil aircraft, Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A3509 Handet aircraft holds the record of 18.3 hours of continuous flight. But no other military aircraft has the record of flying for such a long time as the B2. The US will retire these aircraft in 2022. The space will be occupied by the knot-shaped B21 radar. Ja radar evasion capability is better than B2.

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